Nová beseda is an independent publisher from the Czech Republic. Nová beseda studies and makes observable connections between specialized fields of knowledge. Not information, but working with knowledge is the key to the world we live in.

We connect professionals from areas of social, natural and technical sciences. The motion which is created on the cross-sections of the fields produces ideas and interpretations which contribute to a sustainable and responsible society.

We perceive art as another mean of analysis and reflection on everyday life and the long-term situation. Facts and science can be productively integrated with artistic approaches.

Co je nového? (What´s new?) is the flagship edition of Nová beseda. Major Czech scientists and professionals present hot debates from their field on 100 pages. They step out of their comfort zone and engage in discussions crossing the boundaries of their area of expertise. Books from this edition are meant to be read on the tram, during coffee break and provoke a change in perspectives.


The Most Beautiful Czech Books in the Year 2015

Filmové právo [Film law] / Third place – in category Textbooks for Schools of All Levels and Other Teaching Aids.

Znaky a významy v evoluci [Signs and meanings in evolution] – Shortlisted in category Specialized Literature.

Published titles:

Ivan David. 2015. Filmové právo. Autorskoprávní perspektiva. [Film law. Copyright perspective]. Prague: Nová beseda.
The book thoroughly discusses legal norms on authorship which are important for the film industry. The author presents the history of Czech laws concerning this area and compares it with legal norms in the U.S. and other countries. The publication targets both film professionals and lawyers. It also discusses product-placement and digitalization – currently debated topics in the Czech film industry. (Date of publishing: June 15, 2015.)

Anton Markoš. 2015. Co je nového v biologii. [What's new in biology] Prague: Nová beseda.
On the background of vertebrate evolution, new achievements in molecular biology, developmental biology, genetics and epigenetics, evo-devo, and theoretical biology are explained. Basic approaches behind the methodical background facilitating the extensive progress of modern biology are also discussed. Experiments with a humanized yeast, endless databases of information on genes and a new code share by both plants and animals. Reflections on how life draws from its evolutionary memory and experience. (Date of publishing: October 12, 2015)

Tomáš Feřtek. 2015. Co je nového ve vzdělávání. [What's new in education] Prague: Nová beseda.
Education is presented in the context of society as a whole as well as its historical background. The starting point for the analysis of education’s current situation is the confrontation of developments in technology and neurological research with the change of influence that education has on social inequalities in today’s society. Investigating different approaches regarding these phenomena is the search for the answer to the following question: is there is only one right path for education to take in the future? The final chapter describes changes in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on events after 2005. (Date of publising: November 2, 2015)