Nová beseda is an independent publisher from the Czech Republic. Nová beseda studies and makes observable connections between specialized fields of knowledge. Not information, but working with knowledge is the key to the world we live in.

We connect professionals from areas of social, natural and technical sciences. The motion which is created on the cross-sections of the fields produces ideas and interpretations which contribute to a sustainable and responsible society.

We perceive art as another mean of analysis and reflection on everyday life and the long-term situation. Facts and science can be productively integrated with artistic approaches.

Co je nového? (What´s new?) is the flagship edition of Nová beseda. Major Czech scientists and professionals present hot debates from their field on 100 pages. They step out of their comfort zone and engage in discussions crossing the boundaries of their area of expertise. Books from this edition are meant to be read on the tram, during coffee break and provoke a change in perspectives.

Next Book

We are currently developing a prototype of an interactive book. The format is aimed for non-fiction literature. We work on enhancing the prototype with our partners: Książkowe Klimaty (Poland), AtraktArt (Slovakia), Mladý pes (Slovakia), Typotex (Hungary). International Visegrad Fund – thank you for the support!

Next Book – innovation in the book industry

We strongly believe it is the digital environment and models of services offered to readers that could overcross the boundaries put in the publishing industry by the language barriers.

We bring innovations to the publishing industries – by developing new outlooks, perspectives and products.

The project Next Book changes the publishing of non-fiction texts in digital space and also the reader/user´s experience by enhancing the power of culture with digital skills. This electronic product is a hybrid version of a book that combines well-validated forms such as e-books, mobile reading applications, multimedia books, e-distribution methods, or tools for sharing of information.

The content of interactive books is carefuly prepared manuscripts that undergoes careful phases of expert evaluation, editorial corrections, language revisions and precise fact-checking. The content, enhanced with multimedia add-ons, is implemented into the template with many interactive functions. The resulting book is “closed” at a specific time as a published "book\“ designed for focused reading, but it is also open to easy and convenient updates and connections with the digital surroundings.

Nova beseda has already developed the prototpe of the interactive book in the basic version with basic features. It was adapted for the book What is new in Film Science (2017). Now, Nova beseda is working together with its partners on further development and polishing the different variants of the template of the Next Book.

Project key words: book, interactive book, publisher, non-fiction literature, innovation in publishing, innovation in work with non-fiction content, work with information

Our partners

Our partners who work on Next Book with Nova beseda:

Ksiazkowe Klimaty
Progressive publisher from Poland with great publishing experience, high-quality non-fiction content and also the innovative model of retail BookRage.

Typotex – publisher
Traditional Hungarian publisher with high-quality non-fiction production.

Atrakt Art
One of the leading and most important Slovak independent cultural organization, devoted to contemporary arts and culture. Also publisher of 3/4 revue magazine.

Mladý pes
This innovative cultural organization´s main field of expertize is interactive graphics. They also organize game jams and are original authors of different interactive applications.